We haven’t really taken stock of the devastating effects of global warming until now. It seems that Iceberg Vodka, based out of St. John’s, is having a supply-side stall in the production of their premium spirit because the glacial water they use is harvested from icebergs, and the bergs are melting. 

Frank Heaps, CEO of Iceberg Vodka explains that while there are certainly still icebergs left, they’re too far afield to be economically reasonable for Iceberg Vodka to harvest and turn into sweet, sweet booze. They’re in Labrador, and typically harvest their icebergs off the coast. However, rising water temperatures, icebergs are located only in further north latitudes. 

Why is iceberg water so important? Heaps says, “The reason that icebergs are so important for Iceberg Vodka is more than just the name. Technically speaking, tap water, which many spirits are made with, typically contains 200-300 of impurities while water from icebergs contains just .04 ppm.” 

Interesting since the impurities in water are what give it its flavor. Similarly interesting that any industrial distiller has a device to create deionized water which is so pure that its impurities are typically measured in parts per billion, not parts per million. But, hey, if they were serving up vodka make from icebergs, we have to admit, we’d get in line. Via JustLuxe