Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight show last night, and it was highly promising, mixing in sketch-comedy elements and providing some actual laughs—both wildly foreign concepts to NBC at 11:30. (Read our interview with Jimmy here.)

Some highlights (video of the full episode at bottom):

Jimmy challenged everyone who claimed he’d never score the Tonight gig to pay up a $100 bet. Tina Fey, Rudy Giuliani, Joan Rivers, Tracy Morgan and Stephen Colbert showed up. “Welcome to 11:30, bitch,” Colbert threw down after dumping $100 of pennies everywhere.


During the monologue, he handed out superlatives to Winter Olympics athletes, matching their pictures to titles such as “Most Likely to Be Able to Turn Water Into Weed” and “Lesbian Screech”:


He and first guest Will Smith did the “History of Hip-Hop Dancing,” including the Carlton (man, it has been a long time since Fresh Prince of Bel-Air):


Here’s the first episode in full: