A disturbing trend analysis came out of EconompicData today. It would appear that Chipotle Mexican Grill is not coming back from the dead anytime soon in spite of their delicious cuisine, ethical approach to ingredients, and cool interior design.

As the stock declines there are a few reasons for the downfall:

a) 8 bucks for a burrito isn’t a feasible lunch option when you’re broke.

b) The cost of food and ingredients is rising.

c) People are realizing the damage the high calorie count can do to your already. protruding beer gut.

d) In an election year, burrito sales are notoriously lower.

OK, that last one might be bullshit, but still keep an eye on Chipotle’s downward trend. And for a little perspective on how bright-eyed and rosey everything looked for the burrito slingers not too long ago, check out what Wallstrip had to say almost 2 years ago to the day. What an innocent and cheery time it was back in the fall of ’06:

EconomPic: Breaking News, Recession Kill Taste Buds, October 16, 2008