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Why in the world wouldn’t they keep their evaluation program to themselves? There is much more money to be made trading stocks or opening a hedge fund than selling subscriptions to the public. I know why, they can’t lose selling their picks. Much like the guy that tells you he can pick Monday Night Football, Gorilla knows that providing “information” is a safer way of doing business. Motley Fool is the king of this. Motley Fool is a media company and a publishing company and they don’t claim to be anything else. Gorilla Trades is full of flash animation and glitz and glamour. Why in the world is there that much need for flash animation in a stock recommendation site? I will give them this. In order to keep the subscribers back you have to have results and they have had enough to get them started. They then use the subscribers to advertise like crazy and more subscribers come. Once this happens every time they recommend a stock they now have enough followers to bump up a stock each time it goes into the “Buy” column. No I have never used Gorilla and I am not claiming to have. I have gone to the site and navigated quite a bit. $599/year or $995 a year is steep compared to many others. The idea of having a gorilla pick a stock for 600 dollars doesn’t do it for me either. I went on the web to find some opinions of gorilla and here’s what I found. The Stalwart wrote an article on Gorilla Trades and received three comments praising the company, all from the same IP address. I’ve seen this same scenario on many of the Message Boards. One person bashes the company and several gorillas jump on him to defend it. Either they have a good PR division or the people that use it swear by it. I would say somewhere in between. Here are some other problems I’ve found from other users. Wealth Junkie says be careful on the 30 day free trial. Unlike that porno site you sign up for and forget to cancel. You will be charge $600 with no return policy. The porno site sounds like a deal at $30. Secondly, you would think that if you pay that much money you can download and copy the information to your computers at home or at work as many times as you need right? Wrong. One copy, and one copy only. And Lastly he says too much flash. I already said that but there’s one person who agrees with me. As for the comments on his site? Half like it and half don’t know yet. I know all of them will be down $600 right off the bat. My last visit was to the Yahoo Message Boards and there were plenty of opinions. The users are like a gang. Every time someone posts Gorillas picks they are reported to Gorilla for breaking their users agreement. Now it’s even worse you lost $600 and didn’t even get to see their picks for a year. Again find many defenders of the system. I have come to this conclusion about Gorilla picks. Do your own homework if you can. Taking someone else’s picks is not the way to learn. Virtual trade at optionsxpress or somewhere to try out some new systems. Start small and learn how to gather information. If you really have no ability to do this then buy Gorilla Trades or Action Alerts.