I blew thousands of dollars on these things as a kid. If I could saved that money at 6% I would not have to work and possibly could be a millionaire. I spent every last penny of the money I earned on these things from the time I was old enough to earn money until I was 15. Here’s a look at what I spent my first million on.

1. Girls: I have been a sucker for a cute face since I was able to earn money. I spent thousands of dollars trying to impress the ladies and it got me nowhere. Financial Result: Ironically the person I’ve been married to for 13 years is the only person I barely spent any money on because when she met me I was just out of college and broke.

2. Beer Cans: No I didn’t drink beer when I was 10 but I sure took pride in my beer can collection. I spent hours looking for a can I didn’t have, and every penny I had on “cool” new cans to add to the wall. I even spent money on fake beer cans like Ole’ Frothingslosh. Financial Result: I still have all those cans and the value of these stands at $24.55 (that’s if aluminum is at 50 cents a pound)

3. Video Games: 80 tokens for $5 is all it took me to spend my allowance at the local Putt Putt. Every time I saved $5, off I went to the arcade and spent it on Burger Time and Crazy Climber. Financial Result: Still can’t beat my 7 year old at most games and still shelling out money for the stupid things.

4. Bubble Gum: If it wasn’t Big League Chew it was Hubba Bubba. It was my crack and 7 Eleven was my dealer. I don’t know if I liked it because it was in a pouch like tobacco or because it was shredded. All I know is I used whatever change I could steal from inside the couch to pick up a pouch. Financial Results: $1000 in dental work

5. Baseball Cards: Not only did I spend big money on packs but I incredibly shelled out big bucks for individual cards that would become more worthless than my retainer and headgear. I paid $30 for Ken Griffey Rookies and had the world’s most complete collection of Mark Grace cards (still the best pure swing in the 90’s) . My parents said they were just cardboard and I always responded with the Honus Wagner card thing. Problem is I could have purchased a Honus Wagner with all the money I spent Financial Result: I now buy paper ” stock options” with hope of them being worth more in the future. Some people never learn

6. Wacky Packages: The first money I ever earned went to these crazy, funny cards. I thought they were so creative and funny. Plus, you got a sticker in every pack. I had every card from every series. It was the drug of choice for this 7 year old. The pokemon of the 70’s if you will:
Financial Result: I learned to be sarcastic at a very early age