I’m getting sick and tired of hearing investors saying they are waiting for a stock to come down before they buy it. Yes a stock could drop and give you a buying point but what if it keeps going up and you missed the boat. Are you going to miss out on a stock you really liked over a few dollars. Either you like the stock or not. If you are a daytrader forget all this but if you are a buy and hold. Just buy it. Here is a quote over at Motley Fool that got me thinking of this. ” Apart from all that, maybe there’s another important lesson to repeat here. If you try to do what I did with Stryker and wait for the bottom-dollar price to buy in, you might not end up getting to buy the stocks you want. I’m going to hope that the stock eases back after today’s run-up, but I’ll also accept the possibility that I outsmarted myself here”