A new study from the Social Scieence Research Journal suggests that, if you’re dating online, you may not want to hook up as fast as you have been. They’re finding that the quality of relationships in online (and often offline) relationships is inversely related to the amount of time the two little lovebirds wait to get physically intimate. 

They say that the courtship process acts as a first line of defense to all those crazy girls that you might not actually be compatible with. Here’s a good example: It’s like that time that you went home with the total babe, rolled around in a torrid tornado of sheet-covered passion, and saw, in the cold light of morning, her towering stack of wiccan books next to her bed. Like…way too much for one person to reasonably keep that close to where they sleep.

So, unless your goal is to have just a one night stand, take it easy and pump your brakes. But, before you even do that, you might want to rethink some of the things you might be doing wrong when y ou’re online dating