The running season is upon us and the first big race of the year is coming up. I ran a few races this winter ( an 8 miles and a 28.5 miler) but really didn’t take any of them seriously. That is about to change. My running team, The Wandering ElderBarrys, is about to partake in the famous River To River Relay. The run is an 80 mile jaunt from the Mississippi River to the Ohio River split up between 8 people and is the largest relay in the country. Because it is so popular, not every team is accepted but because we’ve done it for so many years, they seem to always let out team in but made us change our name. It used to be called “Sand in the Vaseline” . Now 80 miles doesn’t sound bad except you add in the hills. They are severe. People from other parts of the country may not be affected by these hills, but us flatlanders have to run the parking garages to train for the race. The hills kill us. Always looking for a challenge, I decided to take the hardest leg of the race. Leg 6. (see 3 legs to the side) What’s funny about it is I’m not even close to the best runner on the team, just the stupidest. I love the pain of the hills. Last year, when they saw me sprinting up the hill they all laughed because they figured I was going to die eventually. I never did and kept on chugging. It was the next two legs that sucked because the hill took everything out of me. This year I know what to expect. I’m not saying I’m going to run any faster this year but I am better prepared and am ready for the challenge.