Chances are you haven’t written a letter in at least a decade. Or ever at all. But for those times when Facebook and e-mail just don’t cut it, a traditional hand-written letter can’t be beat. Especially when it’s penned on a good piece of stationery bedecked with a manly letterpress symbol. That’s when you turn to the Im-Pressed letterpress card collection ($14 per set of 10).

Measuring 4.25×6.25″, the cards are printed on heavyweight cotton paper and pressed with red, black or green ink. In sets of 10, they’re perfect for personalized invites, thank-you notes or short-form letters, and the stylish, minimalist symbols and subtle surface textures ensure they’ll leave an impression on the reader.

Ready to upgrade from Facebook messages and grammatically challenged IMs? Pick up a set of letterpress cards at Im-Pressed.