Next time your friend starts bragging about his brand new flat screen, shrug and tell him you’re more of an “omni-directional guy.” When he doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about, show him your T.O.O.B Omni-directional Dome screen. Then, watch his head explode.

The dome by T.O.O.B is the new wave in home entertainment, bringing IMAX to your living room. Now you don’t have to go out to a movie theatre to experience a screen that completely immerses you. Throw in any movie or any video game and be blown away right in the comfort of your living room… or anywhere outdoors. Huh, you say? That’s right, the dome is inflatable, and thus portable, and works perfectly on a warm summer night outside. Your buddy will never get to watch his movies on his flat screen “al fresco”. Explain that this is yet another reason why you are superior to him.

You purchase one for yourself for $1,440 here.