If you are like us, you have realized that you are getting dumber as time goes by. Technology could be to blame. Poor eating habits are also a contributing factor. But the bottom line is humans are lazy and laziness leads to brain inactivity. Which leads to you being dumber than you were last year — as evidenced by your decreasing IQ scores. But not to worry. Your next IQ test score can gain a few points with some training and preparation, whether you are trying to impress a chick with your braininess, gain entry into Mensa, or just proving to yourself that you are not turning into a mind vegetable.

Buy a Book

We love TV as much as the next guy. We love going to the movies. We even love sitting and staring into nothingness. But it’s been proven over and over again that reading improves your IQ. Especially reading a book you have never read before because it makes you exercise your brain and broaden your thinking to grasp the new information. Experts suggest that you should read different genres to keep your brain guessing and to also mix up the sources. Meaning, books are great, but don’t neglect the newspapers, magazines, essays, and on-line articles. Even reading the back of the cereal box while having breakfast can boost your IQ. In theory.

Video Games

This is something that makes us happier than a dude should be allowed to be. Playing video games can actually help your IQ? There is a God! Video games make your brain work and stimulates it in ways you won’t get in everyday life. Problem solving games are the best, like Tetris and some of the Mario games. Even Madden  can improve your IQ. So if your wife or girlfriend — or both — complain that your time spent trying to win it all with the Cincinnati Bengels is taking time away from her, kindly explain that you’re doing it to improve your brain power. And she should thank you for that.

Just Keep Swimming

Apparently increasing your IQ score is a lot like improving your life in general: you just keep doing it. Keep moving upstream. Continue practicing and striving to not be dumb and you will kick your score up substantially. No matter what age you are, you can learn new things and retain new information — even if that information is completely useless in everyday life (we all had to take Algebra in high school, right?). Keep pushing yourself and looking for new things to learn. Your IQ will reap the benefits.

Crosswords, Sudoku, and Puzzles

Puzzles stimulate the brain much like video games do. They cause you to have thoughts and ‘work things out’ in your mind. Logic puzzles and lateral thinking puzzles are especially great because they make you solve problems and do so differently each time. Crossword puzzles make you access your database of knowledge (as big or little as that may be) to come up with the word that fits in the spaces and sudoku does the same, except with numbers. Puzzles may seem kinda’ nerdy, but they will make you smarter. And some chicks dig that.

Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths and controlling your deep breathing pumps more oxygen into your blood, which also gets more oxygen to your brain. It relaxes you, which helps the functionality of your brain. Many humans breath shallow by nature, so when the practice of deep breathing is introduced, the IQ level is boosted. And strangely enough, studies have shown that nose breathers tend to breath deeper than the mouth gapers, so do the nose thing. It works.


It sounds all hippy and yoga, but meditation does increase brain function. It piggybacks off of the deep breathing idea, but also forces you to relax and concentrate on thought. While deep in thought, your brain is made to work and focus on certain images, topics, thoughts, and…stuff. Meditating shuts out all other distractions, and allows you to do what IQ tests require: think. Pick a place and time where outside distractions are at a minimal. Close your eyes or focus on an image…the ocean, the sky, whatever…and start thinking.

Practice Tests

Another key to improving your IQ test score is to practice the tests. IQ tests can vary, but find some on-line that are more reputable and approved by Mensa. Take one or two per day and track your progress. If you are doing the work and striving to get some smarts all up in ya’, then you will come to love the practice tests. Just make sure to utilize different tests each time so you aren’t memorizing them and sleepwalking through them.

Get Classical

Yeah, many of the classical music composers were crazy drunks, but they churned out some tunes that help your IQ. Especially Mozart. The Mozart Effect is a term coined by Alfred A. Tomatis, a French smart man that used Mozart’s music to cure a variety of disorders and also claims that   listening to classical music can produce a short-term improvement when performing certain tasks. Whether it produces a long-term effect is still inconclusive, but classical music has been said to have boosted students’ IQ’s by 8 to 9 points in the short term.


School is likely over for you, unless you are studying to be a doctor — in which case, you probably aren’t even reading this article. Studying and a class environment have proven to enhance brain power. Educators have been shown to have brains that are larger and stronger than that of a manual laborer — science has said this, not us, so don’t hate on us if you are a landscaper. The best way to take advantage of this technique at your age is to sign up for a night class or two at your local community college. The classes can range from hard to just plain fun, but the point is to make sure your brain is receiving the stimulation it needs from a class environment.

Dual-N-Back Test

Also referred to as N-Back tests, they have been proven by a European group to increase IQ test scores after a few weeks of practicing. The tests are a series of stimuli, so get one and master it. Continue to get as many different versions as you can and master those as well. They even come in mobile versions — the iPhone specifically has a good one. Some sites provide these tests for free, so get busy to get smarter.

Be Ambidextrous…And Write

Most of us in the world are righties and when we try to pen something with our left hand it looks like a salamander fell in an inkwell and then did a mating dance on paper. But it is actually stimulating the opposite side of the brain than that of the hand you are using. It’s not been shown to what extent this helps your overall IQ, but it’s certainly fun writing like a three year old and saying it’s in the name of improving your IQ. And actually writing with a pen is more helpful to your IQ than typing an email or a paper on the computer. Visual stimulation is increased and your brain is forced to work harder because of the new visuals. (Note: this article was typed on a computer and no pen or paper was ever used.)

Sit Up Straight

Having crappy posture won’t help you in your quest to boost your IQ test score. Proper posture results in a proper state of mind and will allow for more focused thought. Many of us sit at a desk all day and have developed awful posture over the years. Focus on keeping your back straight and sitting with your head level and looking directly ahead. You will be amazed at how clearly you think.


Get off your ass. To get a higher IQ score, you don’t have to be a triathlete, but you do have to break a sweat a couple time per week. You must get the blood pumping to get the oxygen flowing, which will also jump start your brain into thought stuff. Walking will do the trick, but a light jog and other cardio activities work even better. Make yourself a schedule and exercise 2-3 times per week. Your brain needs it. And so does your expanding waistline.

Sleep well

Strangely enough, scientists don’t recommend staying out all night getting wasted. But what do they know? They also don’t recommend sleeping for 12 hours straight while listening to Iron Maiden’s greatest hits. Sleep quality is highly underrated and is very important when trying to improve your IQ. So get some power sleeping done. It works.

Drink Coffee…Without Sugar

Over the years, many tests have been done on the effects coffee has on college students. Although the effects are short lived, coffee (caffeine, specifically) improves IQ scores. Unfortunately, it may not be good in the long run. Be warned, though, if you do employ the coffee method before you take your IQ test, avoid the sugar. Actually, avoid sugar as much as possible in the days leading up to your big test. Sugar can make you sluggish, which will affect brain activity. It’s all about insulin and their tricky levels in your body. And remember what foods have sugar in them when you go to order lunch. You’d be surprised how many foods are loaded with sugar.

Go be smart.