A few weeks back, we ran a contest asking readers to submit their go-to hangover cures. With Fourth of July weekend now upon us (and all the drinking that comes with the holiday now imminent) we figured it might be a good time to share a few of those remedies with you. Here are Made Man’s top three reader-submitted hangover cures, guaranteed to help stave off your post-celebration nausea. Alright, so we all know there’s no such thing as a “guarantee” when it comes to curing hangovers, but we’re pretty sure these will help some.

Don Jericho Garcia’s “just drink more” method:
It’s easy: The best hangover cure is more alcohol. “Hair of the dog” I’ve heard a family friend call it. I’ll drink something like beer instead of the mixed drinks and shots I’ve pounded to get me to my sad state. The beer will help rehydrate me and the alcohol will lessen the hangover. Mix in a few glasses of water throughout the day and I can function easily without the headache and sickness from the hangover.

Neftaly Eguia’s clam-based anti-hangover concoction:
The best cure for a hangover is Clamato. It’s a combination of tomato and clam broth. I prepare it like this: Put some ice in a big glass, squeeze 2 lemons, add a pinch of celery salt, some normal salt, a few drops of Maggi seasoning juice, and a few drops of Tabasco sauce, then pour in a can of beer until the glass is about three-quarters full. Finally, add the remaining Clamato, stir with the celery stick and drink. This thing is going to cure your hangover right away. The taste is amazing and it will quench your thirst. Tomato juice, clam broth and beer; the perfect recipe. Plus some aspirin and maybe some Mexican scrambled eggs.

Anthony Woods’ sauna sabbatical:
Drink lots of water and then hit the steam room. You feel like crap because of the toxins in your body from a night of drinking, so sweating the toxins out of your body will help you feel like a champ and get you ready for the next round.