Putting on a tailored suit can be enough to make a man feel like he has super powers. Taking that idea a step further, online bespoke shop Indochino introduces the new Superhero Collection, a line of hero-inspired suits and accessories featuring bold highlights and stand-out patterns designed to put your character on display (and bring out any latent flight/telekinesis abilities you may be harboring).

The heart of the collection is six suits in colors ranging from light grey with pinstripes to dark blue with checks. They boast all the typical stylings of modern two-button suits, but where they stand out is in the details—each suit is adorned with bold-patterned linings and brightly-colored thread around the lapel notches and cuff buttons. They’re subtle touches, but just striking enough to make each suit decidedly unique and the wearer decidedly heroic. In a style sense, anyway.

Of course, the most appealing part about the collection is that it’s from Indochino, purveyors of simple at-home tailoring. Customers measure themselves using an easy step-by-step process, then send their measurements to Indochino along with their orders to get the perfect fit. Read more about the Indochino process here, and look through the full Superhero Collection at Indochino.