Here’s a really exciting reason to finally switch banks.

You make a large withdrawal from your local Bank of America in order to pay your employees, only to find a hissing and exploding dye pack has ruined the interior of your car and forced you to make a hospital visit.

That’s exactly what happened today to an innocent woman in Newport News, Virginia.

WAVY TV is all over this thing:

She was getting cash to pay her drivers, but when she put the money in her car something went wrong. “It started going [hiss] everywhere and it started smelling.” Red dye sprayed everywhere.

“In the car and in my eyes and on my nose and I was coughing like crazy.  My throat is still a little irritant,” says Laila. Laila ran back into the bank to tell them something was wrong. “They didn’t say sorry or anything.”

I’m not really sure how something like this could really happen. How do you accidentally slip in a dye pack into a customer’s withdrawal envelope? Was she making vaguely threatening remarks like ‘Hi, I’m here to get some of my MONEY from YOUR BANK NOW. Here’s my withdrawal slip, thank you very much.’

Makes sense, right? Slip in one of those bad boys and hope for the best. Even if you end up making a messy mistake, no apologies are necessary. Or maybe they just thought she looked good in red?

Yet another reason to keep cash at home.

WAVY-TV: Dye Pack Explodes On Bank of America Customer, August 12, 2008 via Consumerist