There’s no better time to start analyzing the psyche’s of your friends than over a few drinks. But you don’t need to make them lay down on a couch and talk about their repressed childhood memories. Just bust out these Psycho Diagnostic Coasters.

Each coaster has its own Rorschach Ink Blot design. Yes, Rorschach, like the Watchmen character, except these ink blots don’t mysteriously move (and if you do see them move, that should be taken into account when considering your diagnosis). Pour your buddies a beer, get out the coasters, and ask them what they see. What better way to start some good conversation over some beverages? And not only do they help display the inner-most workings of your friends’ ego and id, they keep those little rings of condensation from forming on your table. Plus, they just look cool. A pack of these goes for $14.49 and you can purchase them here.