For Travis Rice, pushing the envelope is as natural as breathing. Snowboard geeks have been following his riding and filmmaking career for years, and pretty much everything he does—from rocking a King Tut-themed jacket to riding a snowmobile over water—leaves us rethinking the boundaries of his sport and life itself. Now with his fourth film, which took four years to film, the Jackson, Wyoming, native has done it again.

Unlike traditional snowboard flicks, The Fourth Phase features a bona fide narrative arc, as Travis and his crew of veteran shredders chase weather patterns from Japan to Russia to Alaska, seeking to hit multiple mountains in their powdery prime. We caught a sneak preview earlier this week and were blown away by the stunning cinematography, powerful original music and soulful meditations on what you learn when you push that envelope too far.

Of course, there’s also plenty of epic snowboarding—the kind that drops your jaw and makes you wish it were winter already so you could grab your board and try the stunts these pros pull in powder so deep you need a snorkel. See what we mean in the photos and trailer below, and don’t be surprised to find yourself daydreaming about cutting a luscious line through fresh flakes…

Fourth Phase’s global premiere is this Sunday at 9 p.m. on, followed by an October 3rd digital and DVD release.

Photos: Red Bull Content Pool