First air travel took our free checked luggage, then they took our free snacks, and now security for these airports will probably take our last shred of dignity and decency. Nudie X-ray scanners are coming!

New state of the art digital imaging scanners used to detect weapons have made their way to airports all over the United States. Right now they are in use for random passenger screenings in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Denver, Albuquerque, and New York’s JFK. Good thing they got Albuquerque in there. Plus 10 more airports including DC, Vegas, and Dallas will begin using them this month.

Using millimeter waves to bounce off selected passengers in a glass screening booth, the device is able to see through all clothing and perfectly illustrate a person’s breasts and genitals. The new scanner is capable of getting a lot more detailed than the picture to the left, but officials will not release examples of it.

Speaking of that picture, was this image taken mid-flatulence or mid-urination? Either way, gross.

Many privacy groups are up in arms about this invasion of personal space, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is saying all faces will be blurred while viewing images and nothing can be saved or printed from the machines after the passenger has cleared security. Yeah, right! – “Supermodels, sorry to bug you, but could you walk through a few more times for me, please. Just following protocol here.”

The reason for these new devices is to detect plastic and ceramic weapons that pass through standard metal detectors. The Pottery Class murderer’s days are numbered.

After that woman was forced to remove her nipple rings with a pair of pliers during a security screening, I had a feeling we would be in for some updated technology. In my opinion, airport security just got 20 times sexier.

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