Back in the day, you were limited to a few options for your laptop’s appearance: black, grey, and a slightly lighter shade of black and grey. We were living in a colorless world, like an "I Love Lucy" black and white episode without a brassy redhead.

That is all about to change, because Dell has finally concluded that the laptop is in serious need of a makeover.  With over 200 colorful, new designs, the new Dells have more diverse looks than the late MJ! The designs were hand crafted by artists from around the world-so there’s a little something for everyone. You can browse all of them on Dell’s website’s Design Studio, and see how they’re classified into Art, Patterns, Classics, Colors, and their (PRODUCT)RED line, which helps raise money to fight AIDS in Africa (be cool and compassionate). Order a new Studio 15 or Studio 17 notebook and personalize it however you’d like. You can even still get it in the classic "Black", or if that’s just too boring—how about a lighter shade of black?