Everything these days comes with variety. You have thousands of choices in every aspect of your life each day. So why do most light bulbs give you a choice of only three settings: Might As Well Be Off, Standard Wattage, and Retina Melting?

This puts you at a severe disadvantage for mood-setting in your pad. Imagine inviting a girl over a few times and always having the same scented candle, the same type of wine, the same song playing on repeat on every single occasion. You need to switch things up. You need this Multi-Color LED Light bulb.

This light bulb is capable of changing through dozens of color and brightness combinations. The bulb has sixteen different colors to choose from with four transitioning effects – flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. And switching between the combinations is easy with the provided remote control; if you’re getting busy on the couch and need to change the mood from a cool turquoise to a passionate red, it’s just a click away. It goes for $39.99 and conveniently fits in any standard light bulb socket.