Intel leaked to the Wallstreet Journal that they will be changing their slogan from “Intel Inside” to “Leap Ahead” They will also get rid of the “e” symbol. I knew something had to change with Apple changing over. There is no way they were going to put the old slogan on their computers. I’m not even sure they are willing to mess up their flawless design but Intel gives millions of dollars to companies that put the sticker on their systems. It will be hard to give up those dollars. Intel may have met Apple half way. The new logo will be displayed next week at CES. The new system that Apple Computer is going to used was known as Yonah will officially be known as Core. Traders don’t realize how big it was to get Apple’s business. This is going to be huge for Intel and the stock is now a buy in my eye with all the “switching”. For more on the story go here