In-flight pornography ahoy!

American  Airlines has finally stepped up to the plate and now offers internet access to its unhappy, cramped, hungry, and well-paying passengers.

In an effort to name the service one of the dumbest things ever, American Airlines has settled on referring to it as ‘Gogo’ mobile broadband. Terrible.

Biz Journal has the 411 on the new features that get you surfing in the sky:

The service is available to passengers taking nonstop flights from New York to San Francisco, New York to Los Angeles and New York to Miami. Once the flights with Gogo access reach 10,000 feet, passengers can access corporate virtual private networks, e-mail, instant messaging and the Web using their laptops, smart phones and PDAs. For a fee of $12.95, passengers get full access to the broadband service.

Ouch, almost 13 bucks. Is it worth the price?

Either way, it’s still pretty awesome, right? Now there’s no need to even attempt to join any mile-high clubs because the entire filthy world of online pornography is all at your fingertips right in your seat.

Will there be upcoming rules determining what passengers are allowed and not allowed to ‘watch’ during flights? I suggest a new attendant help button similar to the existing one that summons the stewardess. Press it whenever the creepy guy next to you begins viewing the lewdest of bestiality-themed pornography.

Having full internet access on the plane might be one of the final frontiers in staying eternally connected. Now if only more cities take Philadelphia’s lead and blanket us with free wi-fi, we’ll be set for life.

BizJournal: American Airlines launches internet service on SFO flights, August 20, 2008