Anya Monzikova, for now, is best known for her work on “Deal or No Deal” as the mega hottie holding suitcase number 10.  She’s also done work on a girls-going-wild-sociall-not-toplessly show called “Get Out!” in which she and Lindsay Clubine travel about making merry and mischief.  But, all that’s about to change.  She’s starring in the upcoming blockbuster, “Iron Man 2,” and is poised to be a very memorable/Google-able character from the film as she has revealed that her name is Rebekah and to play her she had to rely on both her background in Russian and martial arts.  We’re listening…

MM: So, you’re in “Iron Man 2,” tell us a little bit about your character in that film.

AM: Well, all I can tell you is that my characters name is Rebekah… It is a smaller part in the film, but still in a really fun scene. Sorry, I cant disclose much else.

MM: You’ve got a scary amount of martial arts background – did they help you? And were there any additional training techniques you did
specifically for Iron Man?

AM: No extra training for Iron Man 2, unfortunately. But if they want me to come back in Iron Man 3, I’d be more than willing to show Tony Stark some of my moves.

MM: Are men more intimidated by your fighting abilities, or your looks? What kind of pickup lines do you hear most often? 

AM: I dont think they are intimidated by my martial arts training.. If anything, I think it turns a guy on. Its always the first thing I get asked.. “Can I show them some of my moves”

MM: “Surrogates” was your first major action movie. How did you make the jump from Deal or No Deal to that, and are you looking for more action down the line after “Iron Man 2’?

AM: I think in my career its been a constant climb. Ive done a lot of tv besides Deal, shows like CSI and Knight Rider. Deal or No Deal was a blast but I wasnt looking to making a career out of it. I love action films so being a part of Surrogates and getting to work with Bruce Willis, a major action star, was great. I definitely would love to do more films like Surrogates and Iron Man 2.. But hopefully with the next role, I will have a juicier character and one that I can show off my skills.

MM: Any juicy gossip from the set you can let us in on?

AM: Not really anything out of the norm on set… I was only there for 2 weeks so really didn’t have time to get any juicy gossip… I did do some translating for Scarlet Johanssen’s character. She was speaking in Russian and I got to help coach her in her Russian dialect in one scene. It was a cool moment for me, to have Jon Favreau ask which takes sounded good!

MM: What do you look for in a guy? 

AM: I look for a guy who is driven, who has a warm heart and has the same values as I do.. Also, nice abs don’t hurt!

MM: You are looking to grow as a writer and director. Any projects you’ve got cooking you’d like to tell us about?

AM: Right now I am looking to get more hands on in producing, I am working with my fiance, Josh Fritts on a short film that I will also be acting in. As far as what’s next for me in acting, its pilot season so I am auditioning and just found out I booked a lead in a pilot presentation called Nat & Olga. I will be playing the role of Nat, a super fun and corky character! So stay tuned!