Cinemax’s series ‘Lingerie‘ is in the lacy, red center of its second season now, and things are truly beginning to get interesting. the show’s first season star, Jennifer Korbin, played Lacey Summers.  She’s attempting, this season, to start up her own line of sexy lingerie.  And, as a guy, you’d think nothing could possibly ever be wrong about a sexy girl starting up a sexy lingerie line.

Amber Smith Star

What’s the show all about?

Jennifer Korbin’s role – her name is Lacy – she’s coming to the big city and is trying to make it as a fashion designer. And I’m Giovann, I’m somebody who’s already made it. I’m sort of the Heather Locklear on ‘Melrose Place’ mixed in with Janice Dickinson. I’ve already been there and done that, and I’m not going to let any competitor get near me.

What do you think about when you’re the bad girl?

Well I love playing a bad girl; it was a lot of fun, but that’s not who I am. I like to help people out and empower other women. I’ve had too many Janice Dickinson-type people come after me and keep me down over the years.

What’s the atmosphere like on the set?

I like the looser feel on these types of shows. I used to work on bigger movies, and when you do that, you have a small role on a big movie. And then when get a smaller project like this one, you get a bigger role. And on the bigger projects there’s just so many egos, and you’d do 20 takes, and if you messed up – I just couldn’t take the egos. I just like these smaller projects. I like the kind of demeanor of people – everybody is glad to be working and totally laid back.

What’s your most memorable moment been so far?

You mean in ‘Lingerie’ or in life?

We’ll stick to ‘Lingerie’ for now.

Oh okay! I thought, This guy is deep.  There was a really cool scene where I got really over the top big. Like, so big. Too big! Like, if you have a line where you say you’re going to kill somebody but you go (overdramatically) “I’m gonna kill you!”  But, when I got too big and people started laughing at me – that was funny.

Jennifer Korbin

What’s your favorite part of the show so far?

The people. I absolutely love the people I work with. John is such a sweet person – he’s very creative and he’s very nurturing. He’s very easy to work with. And, the other actors as well. Everybody is kind of like – and you hear this all the time – they’re kind of like a family.

What are you looking forward to this season?

It’s going to be about twice as big of a show in terms of the cast and the story lines – it’s just a bigger show. And bringing Amber on, there’s just a lot more energy. We have the same director throughout, and I just think it’s going to be exponentially better. I’m really excited to see the way people react.

What was your biggest challenge shooting ‘Lingerie’?

The most challenging part for me has been my 5 year old little girl. It’s hard doing six weeks in Canada and bringing her back and forth. But that’s it, really. In terms of the work, I love it. I feed off of it. And it’s hard to leave Toronto, too. The girl that plays my best friend on the show is actually my best friend, too. So, being without her for long periods of time is hard.

What was the sexiest moment on set?

The fashion show is definitely the culmination of the final episode and the season. Seeing everything come together at the very end with all these really sexy people in lingerie – you know, it’s like a rock concert. Seeing the final product is just breathtaking. And, also, the love scenes that Jason and Lacy have. Jason and I have a real friendship with each other, so the loves scenes between us are very fluid, and very easy.   There’s a few times where you sort of wonder ‘is this acting or not?’