Hillary is joining Buffett in the “Let’s tax the rich even more” category. I feel like the harder I work and the more money I make, the more the government wants. Give me a flat tax where everyone pays the same and I’ll be happy. I don’t want to pay less, I just want to pay the same percentage. Sounds fair to me. Enough rant, here are the highlights.


In a television interview with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman, Senator Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, discuss the possibility of a tax increase in a slowing economy in their first-ever interview together following their record-breaking, day-long fundraising event in San Francisco.

Courtesy FOX Business Network:

On whether she would let cuts in capital gains taxes expire:
“I am more focused on preventing the repeal of the estate tax and returning to what I think are fairer, more effective tax rates for the wealthiest. There may be an argument to be made, which I would be open to but I think you need to look at the entire tax picture. There isn’t any credible argument that the taxes under the Bush administration have gone down disproportionately on high-income investors and earners.”

On whether she would raise taxes in a slowing economy:
“I’m not going to stand in the way of the Bush tax cuts on the highest income earners being sunsetted and that may come as a natural course because I don’t believe we’d have support in the Congress and I certainly would not support putting the lower tax rates into place.”

“I think we would have to have stimulus and there are a variety of ways of looking at and packaging stimulus. I do want to see more support for middle-class families, for working people. I think the tax code has disproportionately advantaged those of us who are frankly well off.”

“While people like my husband and I have enjoyed a great series of gifts from the Bush administration that is not what has happened to the vast majority of Americans.”

“If we’re looking at an economic slowdown, then I want as broad a base set of stimulus policies as we can get.”

“What I have said is that I want to target any tax increases, or loss of tax benefits, to people making more than $250,000.”

“We need more fairness in our tax system. It has been too tilted towards the wealthiest among us. If you go back historically, you can really track how it has become more and more advantageous to be well-off in America. I don’t think that’s good for us either economically or politically…We need to get back to looking at tax policies that benefit the vast majority of Americans.”

On the economy:
“People are concerned. If you combine what’s happening in the housing market with the stagnant job growth, with the increasing costs while family incomes are basically flat, with worries about the global economy and the declining dollar – you piece all of that together and there’s a growing insecurity about what’s going to happen.”

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