EDITOR’S NOTE: Made Man is proud to present Amy Komorowski, Men’s Celebrity Hair Stylist and Grooming Expert for AXE Hair, as our grooming authority. She’s styled stars like Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds, and she’ll tackle queries on hair, skin, nails and other nagging concerns that keep you up at night. Check out her first three Q&As below, then send your own Qs here, with ASK AMY in the subject line. She’s here for you, dudes.

I like my hair  “just so” but I worry that it ends up stiff and not so touchable. How much product is too much product? Jared, Detroit

A: All styles look better with some product, and the key is to keep your hair looking effortless and touchable. Use a dime-sized amount of product, and make sure you rub it in the palms of your hands before running it through your hair. This will warm up the product and ensure even application. For thick or coarse hair, you may need to apply a bit more after the initial run through to get the style “just so” but don’t overdo it. We girls can tell, and we’re not impressed.

Can we get the last word on shaving against the grain? To do or not to do? —Jerome, Austin, Texas

A: It’s generally a bad idea to shave against the grain. You don’t want to end up with razor bumps, cuts or ingrown hairs. However, if the hair is properly prepped, some of those hard-to-reach nooks may need a few strokes against the grain. It’s best to shave right after a shower and use conditioning oil or skin prep conditioner beforehand. Also make sure to regularly change your razor blades and keep the razor in a dry place in between shaves. A wet, moist environment (e.g., the shower) dulls the steel on the razors—which isn’t good for them or your face.

 I’ve never worn cologne. Any tips on choosing a scent that is attractive but not overpowering? —Raj, San Jacinto, California

A: Different women are drawn to different scents, and the smell can change a bit when it interacts with your skin, so try a few and go with one that makes you feel confident. Be sure to apply it lightly so she isn’t overpowered by the intensity of the scent. No matter how good it smells, no one wants to smell you coming from a mile away. Note: you’ll know you went overboard if your buddies start making “Sex Panther” jokes.