“The most amazing 300 meters I’ve ever run”.  These are the words of the test runner of the new “Flywire” technology from Nike.  The lightest running shoes ever made used to be Michael Johnson’s famous golden spikes at 112 grams.  These new shoes…..67 grams per pair or just over an ounce each. To make these shoes even more remarkable is the fact that they hold up as well as any ordinary shoe.  Michael Johnson’s shoes were made to last only one race.

Flywire is built from 7 feet of high tech Vectran filaments that is attached to an ultra thin fabric scrim.  The fabric gives it structure and shape and the filaments give strength.  The result is a see thru shoe that is not only the lightest shoes ever made but amazingly cheap and fast to build.  The production costs will drop dramatically due to the fact the shoe can be easily designed on a computer and created completely by machine.  In fact so cheap that Nike is thinking of moving some factories back to the U.S.

The shoes will debut in Beijing in the track and field events and the Hyperdunk basketball shoe will be showcased as well.  Kobe Bryant’s version of the Flywire Hyperdunk and the Air McFly (Back to the Future Edition) pictured below