Everyone remembers 2000 when internet names were going for a mint. Then came the crash, then came the parking for advertising boom, now what? Content is back because of the ease of blogs. As most of you know I grow plants and in order to sell more plants on the internet I have started to buy generic names of my best selling plants. The dot coms are not being added. There are only so many and no matter how many endings you make, the dot coms are going to be the best. I think if you want three letters or generic names you have a few years left or they are going to be unaffordable. If you can find ones that relate to your business or products you sell they are going to serve you well. For instance, I have recently purchased coleus.com, coneflower.com, and am in the process of picking up many more. I use my trading profit to buy this “land”. I presently park them while I set up the sites to sell products we already sell anyway. I have been buying other generics that relate to my field and hope to build a plant “empire” Some can never be purchased because others have purchased these for the same reason and will never let them go. Others are parking them just waiting for people like me to buy them. I always come up with a price halfway between 3 years parking revenue and what they think its worth. In the long run they are going to be beachfront property for me.