We realize the title of this post is something of a mouthful, but stick with us.   This isn’t your daddy’s indoor remote control flying device. This is technically a quadricopter with four separate rotors allowing it to have AI self-stabilization. Basically, it’ll just hover there wherever you want it as long as it’s got batteries. The selling point, though, is the onboard camera

If the video is any indicator, too, the stabilization algorithm is key to good in-flight video. This is probably something the government has known for some time, but for those of us who were interested in getting the Air Hogs Hawkeye, it’s good and new news.

It’s going to set you back $300, but after you watch the videos below, you might think it’s worth it (we do), for your suburban reconnaissance projects. It’s available for pre-order through Brookstone, now, and it’ll ship this September.