Retrovo recently ran a study asking Blackberry and iPhone users a variety of questions about how and why they interact with their romantic partners. The results will be surprising to some(iPhoners), not surprising to others (Blackberry owners), and certainly a topic of conversation for everybody involved. Also, please remember these don’t represent every single iPhone and Blackberry user, so don’t go breaking up with your girl just because of this article. That said….

iPhone users are arrogant

According to the study, iPhone users are more likely to see themselves as “on the leading edge” of technology compared to anybody not using an iPhone. They think of themselves as “media buffs, extroverts, and intellectuals” which is cool if they really are those things. But, somehow, we doubt that every one of the 3 million iPhone users is in the top 5% of tech savvy citizens. Arrogant pricks. You’re thinking wait, Made Man, maybe iPhone users really are intellectuals on the cutting edge. Nope. They’re not. 

They’re not intellectuals on the cutting edge

On average, iPhone users think that having a “cool gadget” makes a person three times cooler than having a college degree. That means that you’re much better off working at the AT&T store and getting a discount on the new 3GS than you are attending a top 50 University, studying computer technology and actually building the iPhone 3GS. 

They’re hypocritical

“One in four iPhone users has broken up with their partner because that person spent too much time on their mobile device.” If we’re sitting there as one of those four, we’re probably thinking good effing riddance. If ever there was a more gadget-obsessed culture that has sexualized their phone to a fetishistic level, it’s the culture of the iPhone user. Think that’s conjecture? 

Their iPhones are R-rated

“One in Five iPhone owners admits to frequently watching “adult material” on their iPhones.” That it twice as many as Blackberry owners. And if one considers the probability that somebody self reports watching porn on their iPhone (not very high), it’s probably closer to half of iPhone ignoring their iPartners in lieu of some iStag Films.