Craig from AllSux wrote this article and I thought it was interesting. I have nothing against Helium but he is not the first to say these things, but maybe the most verbal about it. Of course Helium canceled his account so I thought I would give him the podium is a hilarious site supposedly for writers to make a bit of money and “share knowledge.” In reality, they let scammers, spammers and plagiarists run rampant. Why? Because any semi-legible content is good content if you’re only interested in massive SEO!

In theory, the most informative articles rise to the top of a given cateogry via their user rating system, but this is often the opposite of the case. This article about Helium is ranked #1 out of 223 and is wrong about Helium not having an affiliate program! Better yet: they refuse to remove inaccurate content – only directly copied or offensive content is taken off the site. Why? SEO!

They also have a weekly competition that the same guy keeps winning by spamming with hundreds of articles at the last minute. They let him operate despite the fact that he is subverting their rating system (which is against their TOS) by not giving people time to rate down his articles. Again: why? SEO!

And what do they do about whistleblowers? Well, they ban them. In this case, they banned someone, kept their content (almost 300 articles) while denying them their $300 in earnings and prize money. Why? They pointed out all of the above problems and stirred up dissention in the ranks. That is bad for SEO!