Over recent years we’ve been witnessing the evolution, and growing popularity, of mini HD cameras. If only human evolution had started off at this pace, we’d be lighting fires with our minds by now.

We’ve gone down the line of different pixel resolutions, widescreen has become the standard, as well as increasing degrees of high definition. But all paths have led to this: a mini HD camcorder that records in full 1080p, the Mag Pix 1080p HD Mini Camcorder even has a lense that tilts so you can aim and capture what you want and still face the 2.4” high-res LCD display screen head-on. That’s like the opposable thumb in evolution terms. Of course, perhaps the greatest feature is still that this entire package fits in your pocket. The Mag Pix 1080p can also capture still photos for the minimalist in you. There’s even an LED flash for still pictures that will stay on while you’re capturing video as well; cinematography = covered. The camera can support a 32GB card, allowing you to capture up to 160 minutes of video. And with an HDMI port and USB connector, getting your footage to your computer or TV has never been easier. The next step in this camera’s evolution is 3D, which will be convenient if you have an Avatar in the family. The camera is on sale for $139.99 and can be found here.