Sorry about the lack of financial stuff on the blog lately but I have just not been in the financial mood. Most of my trades have been going the wrong way early so I haven’t been trading much. When the stops come quick. the trading doesn’t last very long. After watching my portfolio shrink a bit this summer and fall I decided to put half of my trading account into long term stocks. Long term is always great for me. There isn’t a stock I’ve held over 5 years that isn’t up over 100% and most much more than that. The success of last year’s option trading was an anomaly, I realize that, but it is hard to be more conservative after you’ve experienced the incredible highs of successful options trading. The great run we’ve had this fall was nice but I didn’t reap the rewards I should have because I was very cautious. I am even more cautious this week after the big run ups. Matter of fact, I am buy and long term hold in all my stocks but short term I hold all puts, especially in the market stocks, ISE, CME. In short, sorry for the lack of financial posts. I promise to be more funny money soon and less just funny. Although funny seems to bring in more readers. I might be a better comedian than financial advisor.