Bill wrote a piece today in the NY Times entitled As Citigroup Chief Totters, CNBC Reporter Is Having a Great Yearthat was light on fact but heavy on lust.

Why does Bill Carter describe 2007 as a “turnaround year” for CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo? Carter claims that “she continues to score among the best ratings for CNBC,” but Closing Bell is one of the lowest rated daytime programs among the core demo. And, The Wall Street Journal Report delivers a far smaller audience – 66% lower –than the average Sunday morning broadcast news program.

The press surrounding Bartiromo this year from her involvement in the ethics scandal with Citigroup and ex-wealth management CEO Todd Thomson, to her alleged fury over being upstaged by CNBC’s rising star Erin Burnett, has been less than favorable. While Burnett acquired the nickname “Maria 2.0” by Portfolio magazine, Bartiromo acquired that of “Bank Skank.” Adding insult to injury, Bartiromo fell behind colleagues, Burnett and Becky Quick, in a poll ranking the hottest financial news anchors on Wall Street. Bartiromo earned only 13% of the votes.

We will, however, give Bartiromo credit for scoring her first interview with former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan. It’s just too bad she didn’t get him at some point during the nineteen years he was in office. On another note, Greenspan seems to have a little problem stepping down. It seems we have two voices at the fed.