The iTree is a great idea because it gets back at that earthy tonality built into our DNA. We might be using an iPod instead of a stick, but each of us men still feels compelled to make music using a big-ass log while we sit around a fire eating mammoth meat. 

The iTree is an iPod dock made out of a hollowed-out log by Austrian design studio KMKG. They use a special technique to create the full resonant sound throughout the entire trunk. The unit pictured above is just a prototype – the firm is currently working on production models which will be available in any length you’d like (or that can fit in y our house). There’s no word on pricing, but a custom music tree shipped from Austria is probably in the range of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”  Of course, it’s not the most powerful dock we’ve ever seen. Via Cult of Mac