Does the craving of pizza hit you at really inconvenient moments, like while working out at the gym, or while walking through a Korean neighborhood, or while eating your girlfriend’s home-cooked vegan meal made especially for you?

How about when you’re stuck in god-awful traffic, worried that the pangs inside you are actually your stomach eating itself? Then the Portable Pizza Oven is for you. This little guy plugs into your car dashboard and has high and low settings for cooking or warming. Impress your dates! Dinner and a movie? How about eating a hand-made dinner on the way to the movie? We’re living in the future, people. Everything’s at warp speed. Rushing out the door in the morning to work, sans breakfast? Keep a box of Pop Tarts in your glove compartment and you’re set. Reheat leftovers from the office’s potluck lunch on your way home! The possibilities are endless! 

Stupidiotic (which arguably is better named BrilliantVeryUseful) is asking $36 bucks for the Portable Pizza Oven. That’s worth it just for the bragging rights to your buddies.