I’m sure I won’t have all the negative emails and comments from a story about DaimlerChrysler. Why am I sure ? Because they are going to lay off 6,000 white collar workers. According to the hard working people in the unions it is OK because white collar workers can find other jobs. To everyone out there, a layoff is a layoff. Someone’s family will not have an income. Ford is paying for education of those laid off in order for them to develop skills necessary to find another job. Most of Chrysler’s laid off employees have a college degree. Chrysler is a well run company but their success is because of their well designed cars. When your cars look good and run good they sell well. When they sell well you make money. When you make money…. well occasionally you become heavy in the corporate hierarchy. They feel it’s time to thin it out and have a leaner company. Just as good of a move as Ford. The difference? Chrysler did it to make the company stronger, Ford did it to keep the company afloat.