Someone said I seemed kind of “salty” lately. They were right. A combination of the coming of the flu, long days starting again at the nursery (spring is nearly here), and losing a good deal of money in OXPS had me in a funk. Did I mention I got the totals for my taxes? It’s nice to make great money trading but man o man does Uncle Sam want a piece. I even avoided wash sales. I am out of that funk and ready to work hard at my business and gathering information for that next company to invest in. Someone on a message board said it was irresponsible of me for talking about being a millionaire and he seemed happy that I took a step back from that goal. That goal is still intact. I wanted to take 2K and make it into 1 million in 10 years. Well its been 2 years this month and its at $100, 000 after all these ridiculous taxes. Still not bad but it took a 100 thousand dollar hit on my idiotic overinvestment in OXPS. I might say that is was at 40K when I invested in OXPS so the options giveth and they taketh away. The key is don’t let it taketh away more than you put in to it. I did fine, now its time to get positive and a chalk it up as a lessoned learned. Where do we go from here. Apple stock is struggling. Celgene is OK but has had quite a run. I just sold ISE to start my practice of taking profit. ISRG looks appealing to me but very very volatile. I am looking to China. I think the growth slowing is overdone. How do you slow 1 billion people down? Most of the country is even developed yet. The state is letting things go public. This is my next area. I will be figuring out which sector of China soon. I like telecom but will look over my IBD to figure out which company. Take care and I’ll be going to my old style of posting. I like it better. Thanks all for reading my garbage.