I like many other suckers, waited in line on Friday to get my iPhone. I didn’t wait overnight like the idiots at the front. I left work a little early, met a friend in line and there I waited to see if I could get the coveted piece of hype. Little did I know that a store that covered an area of 300,000 and a college campus would only get 30 phones. Only fifteen 8 gig were available so even if I would have had the chance I would have been giving it away to a family member after I received the 8 gig. What I did learn while waiting was worth every minute of lost time. Here they are

1. IT departments were at very low staffing on Friday. From the looks of things all them were standing next to me in line.

2. AT& T is way over their heads. It took them 10 minutes per customer to simply sell a phone. They didn’t do one other thing except tell us the packages the offer and try and sell a case. You think someone who stood in line all day didn’t get the press release of the packages?
The people in line knew more about the phone that the Cingular scrubs.

3. Early iPhone users tend to be ugly. In a line of 100 people I couldn’t point out 1 person that was of moderate beauty. And girls? Forget about it. The women standing in line were either asian, or divorced alpha females looking to impress other men at work or their girlfriend.

4. The stores around the Apple Stores and Cingular stores missed prime opportunity to cross promote. The could have had specials or banners for all to see when the news and large crowds were there. Instead they just gawked. I stood and watched an ice cream store right next to the Cingular store not sell one extra ice cream cone while hundreds gathered right outside their door.

5. Money is no object for Apple users. NOT ONCE did I hear cost come up while standing in line. A $600 phone and people acted like they were giving them away.

6. If I hear any more Apple history and jargon. I am going to puke. It was like everyone in line was trying to prove they knew more about Apple and had more Apple products than the next guy.

7. 95 % of the people in line would give Steve Jobs a reach around if he asked.

8. iPhone user are not sports lovers. In all the conversation that I had while standing in line. The Cubs came up once. Of course it was the guy I met there.

9. The Cingular reps were told to lie. The were told NOT to tell the people in line how many units they had despite they knew at 6:00 exactly how many they had. When someone asked how many units they had, they flat out lied (like they were supposed to) and said “I don’t know” This was in hopes of getting people to order the phones there at the store so they got their cut. They then told everyone they would get their order in 5 days. Another lie most likely

10. The people that are disparaging the phone are being ridiculous. It is the coolest gadget to come out in a long time and it better than any phone on the market. It reminds me of the people that dissed Jordan when he scored 73 because he didn’t break Chamberlain’s record. Just shut up and enjoy history in the making.