J.C. Penney, the wholesome clothing brand we all dreaded for back to school sales, has recently learned of the fast growing web video purporting to be one of its advertisements.

The ad below was supposedly made by J.C.’s advertising company, Saatchi & Saatchi, without the store’s knowledge. Something sounds fishy, more details after the jump:

Teen Sex JC Penney Ad – Watch more free videos

According to an article in Silicon Alley Insider this morning, J.C. Penney is shocked and appalled at this filth:

The retailer is reportedly aghast about a clever clip, most likely created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the retailer’s ad agency, which is about to become YouTube’s most popular clip. You see, it suggests that teenagers may have sex — and that J.C. Penney endorses the idea.Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth, but J.C. Penney is still worried that someone might get the wrong idea. WSJ:

Mike Boylson, chief marketing officer for the Plano, Texas, retailer, said he was “terribly disappointed” when he first saw the video Monday, after another Penney official noticed it on blogs that described the video as a Penney ad.

Not really sure why an ad agency would make a ‘fake commercial’ for one of their main clients, but I have a feeling this is J.C.’s new way of ‘going viral’. It seems like it makes good business sense. After all, I’m doing my part to spread this thing, and J.C. Penney isn’t even paying me.

So here’s the new routine:

1.) Get your ad agency to make a clever/risque commercial that will help your tired and aging brand appeal to a new younger audience.
2.) Unleash the video out on the interwebs (ask some young people with iPods or something to do it).
3.) As soon as it starts to get popular, act aghast and mortified at the implications it makes about teenagers ‘doing the unthinkable’.
4.) Get your ad agency to follow your lead and deny everything.
5.) Sit back and enjoy all the new mall walk-in traffic.

Silicon Alley Insider: J.C. Penney Pretends To Be Mortified By Teen Sex Ad, June 24, 2008