The James Bond bike isn’t commercially available yet. But, if you’re truly in need of a bike with an anti-theft ejector seat and an in-built flamethrower in the handlebars, we figure you’ll find a way to get your hands on it one way or another. 

The James Bond Bike is actually titled BOND (Built of Notorious Deterrents), and is the brainchild of the insurer of It was intended as an art project and was unveiled in front of the British intelligence agency Mi6 to be part of next week’s Cycle show of Earls Court in London.  

In addition to the fiery deterrent and somewhat unsettling seat post, the bike boasts a tank tread on the rear tire for negotiating especially difficult terrain and a snow ski on the front hub for the same duties. Though, it looks like it’s just for show, it actually works. In fact, ski bikes and tank-treaded bikes have been around for a few years now. Nobody ever thought to but fire in the mix, until now. 

For legal reasons, this probably won’t ever be commercially available. Especially because the flamethrower was included because “52per cent of cyclists named ‘cars and lorries passing too close’ as their number one complaint.” But, feel free to drool at your own discretion at the video below. Via Daily Mail