You knew it was going to be tough. Jeff Jordan is the son of the greatest basketball player ever and he’s didn’t even get a scholarship to a major school, so he decided to take his 42″ vertical and walk on to Illinois. Jeff has only been a few months and I already feel sorry for the kid because I think I’ve seen 5 interviews asking him what it’s like to be Michael’s son. This isn’t what makes me feel sorry for him. What makes me feel sorry for the kid is Michael cast a big shadow and wants to cast a big shadow. Here are the pictures from a couple of days ago at practice when Michael flies in his Ferarri. It have to admit, here in Champaign we don’t have many Ferrari and when you see one it draws a lot of attention. Jeff can’t even be his own person here because his Dad comes in constantly and never comes in quietly. Michael could still see his son play and draw a little less attention to himself. This is what Michael drove down from Chicago in.