Adult actress turned entrepreneur turned business owner turned wife to a professional beatdown artist, Jenna Jameson, is now looking to add a Broadway credit to her long, sexy CV.  

She’s currently in negotiations to star in the hit Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” in which she would play Venus, a strip club owner who belts out (tehe) “Anyway You Want It” by Journey.   Sounds about right, but can her oration skills stand up to her oral skills? She thinks so.  She told Page Six, "I think I’m perfect for the role, and I am really looking forward to becoming a New Yorker."

They went on to report that a source close to the show said the producers were actually quite surprised with the quality of Jenna’s voice and acting ability. We, being well versed in her long and storied filmography, were not. 

If she’s signed on, her contract would last between a month and three months, and she suggested it could start very soon. We can’t think of a better gift for the guy in your life, ladies, than a ticket to go see Jenna Jameson wide-mouthed on stage. Stay tuned.