A big congratulations to one of WallStreetFighter’s all-time favorite Biz Babes, the lovely Jenna Lee of Fox Business, for being named one of TV Week’s “Next Generation of TV News Stars“.

The news of this made me take a trip down memory lane to all the times we wrote about Jenna here on WSF. The was our Jenna Lee Biz Babe bio from back in May with a solid photo gallery. Then came the Foxy Business video roundup, on which she made an appearance. And who could forget the now infamous interfaith dating debate she started in early September? Certainly not me!

In spite of all that in-depth coverage, there were a few details we missed. Thanks to TV Week for bringing them out:

1.) Jenna’s dad is former NFL quarterback, Bob Lee. (He played both quarterback and punter positions. Really? Plus, he’s on the list of NFL quarterbacks who have posted a perfect passer rating.

2.) Jenna got her start as a “hyper-local” reporter for TV’s NY1 news, whatever that means.

3.) Roger Ailes, whose comments about Erin Burnett having ‘the staying power’ we debated here at WSF, also personally testifies that Jenna will be a huge star someday soon. That’s a pretty killer recommendation.

TV Week: Jenna Lee, November 30, 2008

via BestLife photo shoot