I like to keep up on all the biz babe gossip and have found one of the best sources is TV Anchor Babes.

However, today the writer of the site started a mini-firestorm when he glowingly referred to one of our all-time favorite biz babes and proprietors of Foxy Business, Jenna Lee, in the following manner:

“It’s like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine has chicksappeal. Jenna has unbelievable chicksappeal.”

Of course as we all know, and as one commenter explained, that statement isn’t totally accurate:

I think the term actually is “shiksappeal” as “Elaine” isn’t of the Jewish faith.
Shiksa is Yiddish slang for a woman who is not Jewish. Shiksa is always pejorative, and is most often used in reference to a non-Jewish woman who is partnered with a Jewish man.

But to the female at hand – yeah – I’d chain her to the wall for a couple of months.

I’m pretty sure Jenna is not Jewish because I remember in doing research for our Biz Babe profile, that she belonged to some church in California, so maybe she does have some undeniable shiksappeal. Either way, I think we can all agree that Jenna Lee also has some sort of “chicks-appeal” though, as in, even chicks think she’s hot.

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TVAnchorBabes: Jenna Lee Has The Most Chicksappeal, Sept 3, 2008