Nineties sex symbol Jenny McCarthy reprised her role on Two and a Half Men last night, returning as the seductive con-woman/ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen’s old character. Men has been declining in ratings since the fourth season premiered with Ashton Kutcher taking over for Sheen, and McCarthy’s appearance is likely a ploy to bring back fans with a reference to the show’s glory days. In any case, it’s a reminder that the former Playboy model is still looking good. Check out a few recent shots of her—along with some classics—and see for yourself.

McCarthy rose to fame in the early nineties after appearing in an issue of Playboy.

At the time, she was a college student trying to pay her way through school. She submitted a photo to Playboy in an effort to become a paid model, was accepted and got $20,000 for the shoot.

At the age of 38, McCarthy is still looking hot, as seen in this recent shot of her on a beach in Malibu.

She hosted a series of shows on MTV in the mid-nineties, further building her fame and opening her up to do more Playboy shoots.

Her most recent television appearance was a reprisal of her role on Two and a Half Men (seen above), in which she attempts to seduce Ashton Kutcher’s character.

McCarthy is known for her goofy sense of humor and overt sexuality.

She dated comedian Jim Carrey for nearly five years, from late 2005 until 2010.

She is, once again, still totally hot.