After watching Faith & Flower executive chef Michael Hung demonstrate how he makes Jerk Chicken at The Taste in LA, we were tempted to whip up a batch ourselves. He kindly obliged with the recipe, which results in a dish as delicious as it looks. Read on, watch the video for more info, and happy grilling…

1/2 c vegetable oil
1 cup soy sauce
½ c honey
1 cup rice wine vinegar
1 cup peeled garlic cloves
1 cup Fresno peppers (red jalapeño) sliced
2 tsp all spice powder
 tsp cinnamon powder
2 T picked thyme
½ tsp black pepper freshly ground
1 T kosher salt
6 chicken breasts


1. To make marinade, combine all ingredients except chicken breast in a blender and blend until smooth.

2. In a flat baking dish, arrange chicken breasts in a single layer. Pour marinade over chicken so that it is covered completely. Cover dish with plastic wrap and let it sit in refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours, 24 hours for best results.

3. Remove chicken breasts from marinade and wipe dry. Reserve marinade to a pot and bring to a boil. Simmer marinade for 15 minutes until slightly reduced. Separate half of marinade for final saucing, and half for basting.

4. Grill chicken breast over wood coals, basting with marinade, until cooked through.

5. Serve chicken with remainder of finished sauce.

Photo: Kiana Laing
Video: Collin Friscia