Everybody needs a kick start to their day. But when you order a Venti Non-Fat Iced Green Tea Latte with One Pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla, you may feel like your masculinity is packing its things to go find someone else who will put it to better use.

Energy drinks, energy shots, and every kind of tea you can think of…it’s all lacking substance. It’s about time there be a manly way to get some energy. If only there was some smoked sweet and spicy dried meat that could give us real men a boost. That’s what the creators of Perky Jerky had in mind when they came up with the world’s first “all-natural performance enhancing meat snack.” Not sure which performances eating lots of jerky (caffeinated or not) will enhance but, hell, it’s about as manly as snacks get. Perky Jerky’s beef jerky is infused with Guarana, a natural energy booster with twice the caffeine of a coffee bean.  So go ahead and drop this in your office’s suggestion box: lose the coffee break and add a jerky break. They’ll thank you later.