On the verge of the eighth season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which returns next Thursday, Jerry Seinfeld logged on to Reddit to host an AMA, the third time he has done so. Reddit users from the around the internet eagerly tuned in to, as he put it, “ask questions that I’ve never been asked before, which, doesn’t happen very often.” Here are five fun takeaways…

1. Seinfeld the Collector
When asked which props he kept from the Seinfeld set, he named several: “I have the couch, I have the two blue stools, I have the table and chairs; the coolest thing I have is the door, which we never repainted in nine seasons. It has every scuff mark that Kramer put on it with all those crazy entrances.” He added that he hopes to display these props among many others at a Seinfeld museum—but has yet to find a museum that shares his enthusiasm for Seinfeld furniture.

2. Seinfeld the Professor
Seinfeld is very interested in the art (or science?) of being funny. He recalled a moment when he and Michael Richards were going to visit “the president of Columbia, and we were gonna go in there, and I was going to teach a course on comedy. Because I know a lot about it, but I just don’t know if it’s teachable. I’m still wrestling with the idea if you can teach someone to be funny.”

3. Seinfeld the Ghost (Almost) Whisperer
Asked which deceased guests he’d like to have on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld referenced mega-comedians such as George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Charlie Chaplin and George Burns. He also disclosed that the show toyed with the idea of using CGI and already existing footage of the deceased comedians, with new dialogue added, to film episodes of CCC with such legends.

4. Seinfeld the Advisor
Asked for advice throughout the AMA, Seinfeld took to answering two advice-related questions: what’s the best way to get someone’s attention/start a conversation, and what’s the best piece of advice you have ever received? In response to the first question, Seinfeld very characteristically wrote: “The sad truth is, people are only interested in themselves. So, if you just ask them what they are doing or what’s going on or how they feel, they generally go on for hours. I read in an article recently that you should ask people what’s challenging them these days and that really sparks them. So ask them that…and then run.” Regarding the second one, he responded: “The best advice I ever got was from Rodney Dangerfield, who when I asked him a question about something in comedy, just looked at me for a second and then went, ‘You’ll figure it out.’ ”

5. Seinfeld on Seinfeld
In concluding his AMA, Seinfeld took to answering multiple questions, rapid fire, as he continued to give audiences a glimpse into his actual personality and life. Least favorite car color? Metallic Beige. Lucky numbers? 9, 5, 18, 54 and 32, which seems surprising given that his all-time favorite Mets Player, Tommy Aggee, wore number 20. Seinfeld also believes there’s no limit to the amount of coffee a person can drink in a day, if they put their mind to it, and finds his joke on dry cleaning to be hysterical, even if the audience never seems to understand it: “When you drop your dry cleaning off, you can go to any dry cleaner you want, but when you pick it up, you can only go to one.” We’d love to hear an explanation on that one, but by the time we got around to asking, Jerry had already run far, far away.