Jessa Hinton is Playboy’s July Playmate of the Month. That’s no small feat, but Hinton is already looking to the future. This blue-eyed California native is capitalizing on her success, making plans to launch her own clothing line, write an autobiography, and host a television show. We’d say she’s off to a pretty good start.

We spoke with Hinton about her new title, her ongoing business ventures and what it takes to impress a Playboy Playmate (Hint: Be funny).

MADE MAN: How does it feel to be Playmate of the month?
JESSA HINTON: Freaking amazing. I’ve never been part of a family as big as Playboy, and they’re behind me on everything I do.

MM: How did you come to work with Playboy?
JH: A girlfriend of mine, a former playmate, submitted my photos to Playboy, and they got in touch with me. I’ve just been going non-stop ever since then.

MM: What’s next for you?
JH: I host for Victory Poker, and I’m a designer for Affliction. I’m also pretty much the face of Las Vegas right now. I’m on something like 17 billboards there this year.

MM: What’s it like having your face all over a city?
JH: It’s kind of funny. I get people saying, “I was driving on the freeway and I saw you’re mug shot.” I’m like, “Thanks guys.” It’s more word of mouth than me actually seeing it.

MM: Not only are you a model, you’re also a businesswoman. Any tips for would-be entrepreneurs looking to build a brand around themselves?
JH: I would say having good people around is really important. I pretty much started on my own, and whenever I had an idea I went to the people I knew could help me the most. I have a great manager, a great agency and Playboy’s behind me all the way.

MM: What does it take for a guy to impress a Playboy Playmate?
JH: A sense of humor is the number one thing — somebody who’s quick-witted, smart and clever.

MM: Do you have any words for your fans?
JH: I’m super-grateful. I’ve been reaching out to a lot of people via Facebook and my website, but any questions people have, I’m here to answer them and I’m going to give them the truth. I want them to know the real me. Those are people who actually care about what I’m doing.