R. Bruce McDonald is very serious about mowing his lawn. So serious, in fact, that he spent 150 hours and upwards of $8,000 removing the stock, 12 horsepower Kohler engine rom his Cub Cadet riding mower, and installing a Garrett GTP 30-67 gas turbine engine. You know. Just a nice little Sunday. Probably no time to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, though.

The funny thing is that the performance of his lawnmower didn’t really change outside of the fact that now its turbinic screech can be heard for some distance. He adapted a generator to take 8,000 RPMS off and then used a multi-groove belt to remove a little over 3,000 more. It’s just a loud, awesome version of its former self. Kind of like your grandpa.

He plans on taking it not only around his lawn but to the Tractor Museum in Vista, CA and to other, similar shows where a jet tractor might be appreciated (like any show that happens at the Bream Media offices). Check out more pics below. Via PopSci